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Dear friends,
Here is some do's and don'ts in crafting signature.

You can add,<ol><li><strong>Quotes you like.<br></strong></li><li><strong>SM Team Contest Winners - Prize winners can add their winning announcements to your signature.<br></strong></li><li><strong>Popular or interesting threads, which you like to promote it.</strong></li><li><strong>Tickers - like pregnancy, weightloss, etc.</strong><br></li></ol><strong>Don'ts in Signature:</strong><ol><li>You cannot give link to any external websites. If so that will be removed.<br></li></ol>

Many of you may fond of adding ticker in signature, it may be for pregnancy development, wedding anniversary, birthday, events, weight loss etc... Here is a post that explains how to add tickers to your signature.

Go to any of this website,
Graphical Tickers and Trackers: Weight Loss, Trying To Conceive, Pregnancy...
Pregnancy Ticker -- Home --

Fill up the ticker, copy and paste the BBCode to your signature.
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