Gynaecological problems

hi frnds . Nowadays its very common among womens regarding pcod and irregular periods etc. But don't worry ,its all because of our harmone deviation and our lifestyle. Gynaecological problem its not like other diseases which affect your regular activities 😊its just an inability in your ovulation cycle which occurs. So you can cure ur gynaecological problem with little change in your lifestyle and your diet and also you can cure with Ayurveda and sidda or homeopathic . First avoid your mental stress . Keep going with positive thoughts and good exercise . Exercise means it doesn't mean that you have to go fitness centre.😂just do your household work like washing cleaning brooming etc. The more you give exercise to ur body ,u will be fit. Keep charting your menstural cycle date. See whether it becomes regular or irregular, consult with your doctors like reason for your problems. Make sure you have to be patience to take your treatment . Take care and bye.


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