THAVAM 34(5)

]Ama mam.. Indha surya paiyan textile industry pathi ivlo therinjurukan(Illa ava saree kettanu avlo solrana)... And utham and alvin bet semma... Nangalum inga suryava vijayahnu adichukitu irukom... Indha ponnu aen ipo idha panna sollichu... Avanum director sonnanganu senjutan...

Neenga idhula sonna human trafficking ella vidhathulayum nadakudhu... For organs.. Girls... Childrens... Adha neenga note panni ivlo sonnadhu semmaa...[/QUOTE]

hi ma.thanks for the review......human trafficking can be done for anything---for keeping as slaves,to be married as 10th wife of 60yr old,as servant,organ trade or to sale as sex worker.i didnt indulge more ....

already industry workers and vijay himself cleared his name in front of the world....but the impact on gaja will be more if the victim suriya itself tells that gaja is nothing without vijay and even if they succeed in killing suriya vijay wont be arrested as murderer since both are close friends and business parterns.morever to take down human trafficking ring vijay needs suriya takes all credit of vijay work to save him from the wrath and anger of the ring leaders esp gaja and suman and co.

when suman thinks suriya as the saviour vijay can do his work with acp peacefully.

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