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Welcome to SM This is forum is not only for women, men who respect women also can join in this forum.

To maintain a good online community please obey the below said rules.


Do not post contact informations like email IDs, phone numbers, address in the public forum. Your posts with contact information will be moderated immediately.

Please don't share personal photos in public forum.


Please search before you start a new topic.

Post messages in the right sub-forum so that it gets noticed by the right people who will respond to it.

Please stay on the topic don't deviate the posts to different.

Off-topic posts will be strictly penalized in the forum other than the Chat Box! Please help us to make our forum to be well-organized.

Please don't post information's in one liner, just for the sake of increasing post count.

Don't attach a single image alone to a post, you can attach maximum of 5 images in a post, if there is some information with the image we won't merger, otherwise we will merge 5 images together.


Avoid posting using all capital letters, not only are capital letters difficult to read but they are associated with shouting and considered rude.

Please use standard, proper, and clear English at all times when publicly discussing topics on the Forum.

NO PERSONAL ATTACKS OR PUBLIC FIGHTS is a discussion forum, while debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters.

Please be nice and respectful to other members at all times and do not resort to personal attacks and other unproductive forms of communication. You must not carry out any 'fights' on the open forum. 'Fights' are not allowed.

We will also not allow any comments that promote hatred or violence against any race, ethnic or religion group, etc.

We won't allow any personal attacks or harsh replies. If we receive any reports we will moderate it immediately and we won't give any explanations for any of the side, since it develops arguments only without understanding.


Illegal actions are strictly prohibited. This includes piracy, cracking e.g. creating and distributing trojans and viruses, browsing cheats, etc.


Please do not post any pictures, multimedia content, or writing that is sexually explicit (dirty, filthy, gross, hard core, immodest, indecent, naughty, pornographic).


You cannot add website links in your signature.

We also do not allow posts or links to sites that are sexual in nature.

Advertising, Self Promotion, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum, email, visitor messages, blog comments, picture comments and private message systems to spam other members, such post will be edited by administrators or moderators.

You cannot post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal.


Finding material on the Internet does not mean it is copyright free. If you use someone else's material or images in your posts ensure you have permission and/or acknowledge appropriately. This is entirely your responsibility. Be mindful of copyright.

SM and it's representatives do not monitor for copyright infringements. But if it is bring to our notice regarding the copyright, we will remove it from SM within 24 hours. Mail the content or post or the URL of the page which has to be removed to


Posts discussing administrators or moderators actions are not allowed.

We also reserve the right to ban anyone who violates the forum rules.

Regardless of whether you agree with administrative decisions or not, we require you be fully cooperative with us at all times, else refrain from posting or sending messages on the site. Disputes or disagreements with the administrator(s) must be handled privately.


All grievances and its follow-up will be redressed by SM Moderators Team.


The above forum rules where applicable also apply to private messaging. Abuse of the private messaging system may lead to warnings (as above).

We do not encourage to share your phone number or other contact information's with anyone through private message. Sharing and chatting through private messages is at your own risk.


Members will be banned for the following reason.

1. Posting pornography words or images.

2. Posting advertisement links.

3. Talking or doing any activities illegally.

Quitting from SM

Sorry to say but have to include this to avoid unusual situations.

We look forward your continued participation in our SM, but if you want to leave for any reasons, please just quit from here. Don't post that I am quitting, those posts will be deleted. We don't want to leave any foot mark of leaving.

We won't delete your post, that you had already posted. Please don't message us to delete the post. It fully depends on the rights of Administrator.

We understand your world!


If you see anyone violates the above rules please report it to admin or moderator through private message.

Thanks a million!
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