Teen age problems and how to overcome

Teenage starts from 13 to 19 years of age . At this age ,a child started growing with some physical and psychological changes in them. A girl attend her puberty at this age only ,i mean her first period cycle starts from 13 only . And when say about men , a men starts producing his semen at this teen age onwards . Thus both male and female have physical changes at this period of age. And when comes to psychological changes ,a teen age period is very complicated period in humans ,thus they start learning about outside circle and inside circle of their family and also they start thinking about love affair etc. So they might be very stressful at this teenage period . Parents we, always think out that our child is still child we do not realise they are matured now, so first parent have to change their mentality that teenage children are somehow grown-up children,they are not kids now. So make sure about giving self respect to them , and stop spoon feeding them everything. Ask them to arrange their own book shelves, ask them to fold their own dresses , ask them to learn household chores and also give them some self respect to them , don't simply do comparison with other child regarding scoring marks or any other things. And also utmost important is give them a counselling regarding good touch and bad touch., And also give them a discussion about love affair, make them to understand that teenage love is just an infactuation ,its not a true love .And also ask their opinion about career , many of the parents are just forcing childrens to achieve their perspective goal,not a child goal. Say for example a child may have goal of becoming a business man but parents force to do engineering see the difference. So make sure about what ur child really likes . If we have female teenagers at home ,we have to give counselling regarding menstural cycle and how to tolerate the pain of it etc. And also female teenagers must be aware of abusing . They must protect themselves from sexual abuse ,they must be bold to face the society. Both male and female child should get counselling about good and bad touch. They must understand the meaning of true love and affection. They must know that lust is not a love.

Parents must play a major role in guiding their teenage children


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